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Mood: Sassy

One thing I always seem to struggle with is feeling as though I am exercising my creativity. Even though I wake up every day and do some sort of project, whether it be the laser cut maze I was working on today or the campaign project I was working on for class yesterday, physically creating things is a massive component to how I judge my accomplishments and productivity.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to put my projects aside and start a new one. (Although I always seem to find myself having several side projects. It is also great for your brain and productivity to be able to switch projects rather than having to focus on one at a time!) My side project this weekend was making a painting for a younger friend of mine after her room redo. She requested something “sassy.” Although I am not sure what that totally means, I had a lot of fun learning.

I began concepting ideas revolving around fashion.

I took a great time-lapse video of the beginning of the process, and it is documented in my painting portfolio page.

I will insert the finished product below. It is hard to get an impression of the dimensions in the picture, but I believe it is 2’x4′ if I remember correctly. I love working on a large canvas, but it didn’t occur to me that I would have as much trouble as I did fitting it in my slug bug on the way home.

As an artist, I don’t believe a work is ever done, it is simply abandoned as they say. I plan to go back and make the background more white and atmospheric rather than feeling so pink, as this will be the first addition of color to the room.

Even though this was a work commissioned for a friend, I still felt accomplished afterward having been able to exercise my talents in a way that I have not been able to for a while.

Stay sassy, everyone. (Whatever that means.)


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