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I invite you to explore the different levels I have outlined to see what fits both your style and your budget. To order a champagne bottle, choose an available day before your event for me to create your custom bottle art! You are selecting the day you want me to create it, not the day you want to receive it. Plan an additional 3-5 business days between production and receiving for non-local orders. 

Painted Champagne Bottle Booking

The process is as follows:

Prior to your booked time, I will collect the payment, shipping info (when needed), and photo reference details from you.

I will work on your bottle and send you the completion and shipping confirmation within 24 hours of your booked time. Shipping typically takes 2-5 business days to get to you.


How is this different than submitting an inquiry? 


This guarantees your booking for the date you select. If you still have questions on timeline, level of design, or need to wait for your photo references, an inquiry submission may be better for you! 

Contact Maeve for large quantity orders of 6 or more bottles. 

Send any additional info or questions to

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