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2019 - Present

Some of my greatest strengths and most rewarding design successes are found within creating branded pieces. I approach each task with renewed optimism and the objective to strengthen a brand's existing image with my creative efforts. The project on the right highlights one recent project I created for our Year End Awards at Gallup in Omaha. This year's theme was "Art and Science of What's Humanly Possible." Coming out of 2020 and what felt like a year of chaos and destruction, I wanted to introduce a feeling of growth and confidence that we all have been craving because that is truly what is humanly possible. 


2020 - Present

When the future doesn’t look so bright, I look forward to looking back. Throughout 2020, it was difficult to find design inspiration from my environment so I leaned on nostalgic imagery from some distant and not so distant times to stay engaged in my design work. I soon fell in love with the illustrations as a collection and used them as an opportunity to create a series that became my fourth annual illustrated calendar. 

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