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My design process begins with finding inspiration, as I am someone who looks to the past to inform the future. I always like to explore former solutions to similar problems to ensure that the solution I create is truly unique. Along with this, I begin by looking at my target audience to find a solution that suits them.


I attempt to implement my physical hand in as many projects as possible. This allows me to add another layer of uniqueness and authenticity.


Many of my patterns and compositions begin with the development of ink drawings and sketches. After creating these hand drawn icons and elements, I scan them and use the computer to color, edit, and manipulate the sketches. 


The last step, and arguably the most important, is my need to improve my project after completion. I am constantly seeking feedback and searching for more ways to push the project further. 


I enjoy they process of art making almost, if not more than, the final result. I often record time lapse videos of my process in order to watch it come together, as well as learning more about myself along the way. 

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