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July 2018
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November 2018
One of my main projects this summer was to illustrate a desk calendar for the 2018 year that gets distributed to all members of the company. Unlike many of my illustration projects, this required me to think of visuals that will appeal to a much larger and more diverse audience than I had to previously design for. This provided a new and interesting challenge with a much more satisfying result at the end. 
Election Systems & Software

Election Systems & Software

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As a Graphic Design Intern at Election Systems & Software, I had the opportunity to work as a member of the marketing team to create marketing and sales materials. At the end of the summer, I had the opportunity to direct and edit this Internship Program Recap video. This process required drafting a script of question prompts for the interns, coordinating the video and audio recording, and assembling everything together in Premiere. Like with most of my projects, I love finding ways to implement my hand drawn elements, which appear in the opening and closing graphics. 
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