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365 days of sketches

On the first day of class for spring semester, my design instructor challenged everyone in our class to draw a sketch every day of the year. He wanted us to learn to distill a lot of information into a small square and this really challenged me as I am someone who can get caught up in the small details.

I quickly got the hang of it and find the process quite satisfying. I enjoyed learning to balance the colors and individual compositions in each square and on the pages as a whole. Although sometimes I became distracted or it felt like a burden, I managed to document something every day. Several months I somehow forgot how to spell Tuesday, couldn't count 7 days, forgot what year it was, or made some kind of mistake, but I find these things are the true documentation of my 2018 which is my real journey of creating which is one full of mistakes.

Sometimes it became a food diary or some kind of OOTD, but I can't help but notice the amount of times where my day seemed to be filled with long to-do lists, dreading the scale, rejections, and computer crises. Although these are certainly things that have been prevalent in the past year, I wish I was able to celebrate my daily successes and document those.

I planned to do the same challenge for myself in 2019, and I guess my goal is to try to do more of that.

Here are a few close ups of my favorites.


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