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Finger Painting

This week, I decided to go back to an old hobby of mine and do a tutorial for you.

About four years ago, I decided painting designs on my nails would be a great way to express myself. Shortly afterward, it became quite apparent to me and everyone around me that it was very easy for me to transfer my talents and love of painting on to my fingertips. I began doing them daily or every other day, and documenting them on my Instagram account. At my peak, I was doing designs like Warhol’s Marilyn prints to the mermaid Ariel sitting on a rock in the ocean.

This week I was feeling a little less ambitious than my past nails, but I wanted to get in the Easter mood and do a fresh cut floral design.

I began like I begin any design; taking off any previous nail color and filing my nails. I personally prefer to make my nails squared at the tips, but do what suits you. At this stage I also buff my nails and cut my cuticles if I have to. I also apply a base coat, which encourages nail growth and longer lasting polish, but I am not convinced it actually matters.

Here is an overview of the products I will use in my design. There is no specific reason I use any of these brands, I simply buy what I have found works for me.

The first step is doing the base coat. I had to apply two coats of this base color because of its pastel nature.

Next I added stems with my green striper paint brush.

Next I used a dotting tool to add spots of color to mimic the look of irises.

Next I added red spots to become roses.

Here I added white spots with my pen to add detail to the previous flowers.

Here I added pink swirl designs over the red spots to add more rose-like detail. I also added more white strokes to add more depth to the stems.

Here is a photo of my final design after I applied my top coat. I liked the way they came out; definitely leaving me with the feeling that spring has sprung. But even if my nail hobby has evolved over the last four years, I still struggle keeping the designs for more than a couple days, so I might have the chance to make a new design before Easter weekend comes around!


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