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Good Things Take Time: My Experience at Jacht Agency

It’s hard to believe it has already been almost 4 years since I made the decision to attend

college here at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. At the time, I was deeply invested in my

high school’s newspaper and putting in hours in our art classroom. Despite this fact, and

maybe it had something to do with spending all hours of the night watching Dexter and The

Killing, I was absolutely convinced I was destined to be an FBI agent.

I enrolled at UNL majoring in Criminology Pre-Criminal Justice hoping this would set me up for law school the police academy. Although this is a fantastic profession, anyone who knows me know that is not where I belong. The summer before I school began, I dragged my mom

through many grueling conversations that usually ended with her saying, “Do what makes you happy, it’s not that complicated.” Eventually, one day the conversation went more simply. She said, “What is your favorite subject in school? And don’t say lunch,” and I laughed and thought to myself that I used to spend my lunch hour in the journalism room or art studio. Then it hit me, it didn’t have to be that complicated.

I attended my NSE day as a student in the College of Public Affairs as I was still enrolled as a

student in Criminology Pre-Criminal Justice, but promptly changed my major even before the year had started. I started my freshman year having already changed my major once, but this quickly faded away as I found my passions within the College of Journalism and Mass Communications as an Advertising and Public Relations major.

Sometime during the fall of my freshman year, I had the opportunity to come down and tour

Jacht with other first year journalism students. During my tour, I had the opportunity to meet with the designers and creatives that were part of the Fall 2015 crew. Among them was Jacht alum who was patient enough to listen to me spew all my fears and hopes about a future in design, and he told me that I should change my major to design if I was serious. So the very next day, I made a meeting with my advisor and added another major (my third) in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

During the spring of my sophomore year, I was eager for the opportunity to apply to Jacht, but was devastated to learn that I was not accepted into the interview phase. Luckily, when I was least expecting it, another Jacht designer went out of his way to tell me he felt I was on the right track and encouraged me to apply again. In the fall of 2017, I applied and I was

interviewed and accepted much to my surprise. Later upon learning about a course timing

conflict, I found out that I would not be able to attend Jacht during class time and once again

had to postpone my application to the next semester. Although I was devastated, I had to

accept that it would all be worth the wait.

I know it sounds cliche, but I don’t think I would have found my success in design in the first

place if it hadn’t been for Jacht and I certainly wouldn’t be in Jacht today. But if there is one

thing I have learned, it’s that it doesn’t have to be complicated. It might take a year, it might

take a day, but what’s meant to be will find it’s way


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