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February Finds

The month of February and I have always had a love-hate relationship.

February, much like myself, thinks she is super quirky because she is different than all the other months. In reality, though, she only is 2 days shorter than a normal month.

Also, in the month of February there are always those days of fake spring that make you think winter is finally over just to wake up the next day to cold weather again.

I find it particularly fun, though, to go shopping during this month. While the weather may not be transitioning to spring yet, retail stores certainly are. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your best friends, partner, or alone, there is nothing stopping you from showing yourself with gifts.

Kate Spade’s February new arrivals are covered in roses, a particularly clever way to both relate to Valentine’s Day and the upcoming spring.

Even strolling through a store like Target becomes more fun in February. There’s something totally adorable about the pink/red/purple combination. Plus, you always know you will be leaving the store with some form of candy. My mom always used to use the month of February to stock up on the bags of all green M&M’s when the bag used to say “green is the color of love.”

While I don’t know how many people actually like to eat conversation hearts, they look adorable sitting in a dish on your coffee table. I can never resist picking up a bag, but I recommend also getting the Sweet Tart variation if you’re looking for a candy that would actually be edible.

Looking for other ways to make your house a little more festive? An assortment of chocolates screams Valentine’s Day. You can also add flowers, candles, gold accents, and anything shaped like a heart.

Whether you absolutely adore or absolutely despise the month of February, I think we can learn a lot from her. There is something exciting about simply being different than the rest. Whether people love us or hate us, that means they’re thinking about us.

Look for our blog next week where we will explore living in black and white for a bit.


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