Spring 2018

This project was created for a project titled "Youthquake", ‘a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people’. My project was inspired by California teen Stacy Peralta when he sparked the popularity in skateboarding when he sought to fill a void in his lifestyle and bring surfing onto land.

My project intends to fill the void of a lack of skateboard decks that appeal to non-skateboarders. I combined a variety of traditional mediums to contrasts the typical flat, graphic artwork of modern skateboards. Drawing on imagery of coastal lifestyles in the 1970’s, I composed one scene that is intended to reference a lifestyle adverse to skate culture to further the appeal to non-skateboarders. Each board is intended to be a continuation of the board next to it, while also containing high levels of detail to encourage viewers to observe the piece at a distance and up close.


inside access